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Flowers are Literally
our VIBE...

And we want to be friends to anyone who wants to obsess wover flowers with us! 


Understanding The Process

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Let's have some fun picking out your favorite products to create an entire “preservation collection” for your bouquet. Don't sweat it; this isn't a permanent decision until just one week before your fabulous wedding day!



Preservation DOES need to be booked in advance for a couple of reasons! NUMBER ONE: We need to ensure that we have a team member available to process your bouquet immediately to ensure the best possible results. NUMBER TWO: This process takes time which means we can only take a limited number of bouquets per weekend due to the incredible attention we pay to each bloom!



Get ready to make your final selections and feel the excitement building up for your big day, just one week before the wedding celebration! We've got a variety of drying processes that'll suit your chosen product perfectly



Within 24-48 hours of your precious wedding day, let's set those blooms in motion. We've crafted a bouquet-transformation plan, complete with instructions, to ensure your beloved flowers arrive in pristine condition! It's all part of the beautiful and joyous journey with your cherished blooms. Interested in purchasing a pre-made shipping kit from us?! Let us know!


The process in full takes approximately 3-4 months.... it's a waiting game but SO WORTH IT for larger items, we will touch base with design mock-ups along the way so stay tuned for those! 


- Process and Dry the Bouquet- 8 weeks.

- Begin Design for Frames + Resin Pieces

- Resin Pours (one layer at a time) 

- Secure frames

- Top coat for resin pieces

- Product Photos

- Final Balance Due

- Package + Ship to their forever homes! 

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We are the premier Bridal Bouquet Preservation Company with team based in Las Vegas and Southern Utah 

  Love Notes From Our Clients!  

Janet L. (California) 

Jacqueline was our wedding planner (see separate review) - I'm here again to post an update on her Floral Preservation service (Impressive Petals) - it's amazing, my floral pieces are so GORGEOUS and cannot wait to showcase them in our new home!!!! Jacqueline took my bridal bouquet on the wedding day (you also have the option to ship your bouquet to her if you're not getting married in the area) and then began the drying process and designed a frame, hexagon block, and threw in a ring holder, business card holder and a small tray - loved the thoughtfulness of the flower seeds as well. Each piece is designed so thoughtful and she was able to recreate the floral arrangement in both the framed and hexagon block pieces! Super thankful that I have my bridal bouquet forever (and that they didn't get tossed!). Thanks so much for everything Jacqueline!!!

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