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  • What is Floral Preservation
    Floral preservation is the process of preserving flowers in a long-lasting art form. It involves drying, pressing, and treating the flowers over a period of time to help the flowers maintain shape and often color. The end result is a beautiful and lasting display that can be used for home decoration, special events, or even as a memento.
  • Is Shipping Included?
    Great question! We preserve bouquets from all over the U.S and it is your responsibility to get the bouquet to us (whether you're delivering to a local team member in southern Utah or Las Vegas) or overnight the bouquet! We do include the return shipping in our cost so no additional shipping fee is required!
  • What are the most popular preservation pieces?
    Totally honest? It's about a 50/50 split between the resin blocks and the frames. The 16X20 is our most popular frame size and people love the float frames unless they want a pop of color in the background. For resin pieces, our 8" hexagon and the jewelry trays are definitely the most popular. Can't go wrong with either of those but the custom letters are creeping up in popularity too!
  • How long does the process take?
    Drying flowers can be a lengthy process on its own and then we add time for design, creation, glam shots, packing, and shipping so it total it's about 8-12 weeks from start to finish. The bouquets take an average of 6-8 weeks to dry before we can even begin the next step. It takes a while but the final product is worth the wait!
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