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Does Bridal Bouquet Preservation Need to Be Booked In Advance?

If you're considering adding Bridal Bouquet Preservation to your wedding planning budget, then this post is for you!!

Preserving your bridal bouquet probably isn't the first thing on your wedding planning checklist and we totally understand that. In fact, most people don't even THINK about this until the later stages in the planning process but don't let it fall through the cracks because this service does need to be booked in advance!

Here's Why:

As the premier bridal bouquet preservation company in Las Vegas, Nevada - we do a LOT of volume but we are still a very small team operating out of our garage. This means that if our lead preservationist (and owner) is out of town, then we need to schedule our team members to process the bouquets right away.

Timing is KEY. Your flowers must be in the best possible condition in order to preserve in the best possible way! FRESH preserves best which means there is a VERY short window to get the bouquet from you after the wedding and be able to process it right away. We require the bouquet to be in our hands within 24-48 hours. For local brides getting married in Southern Utah or Las Vegas (or flying out of Vegas), this means dropping it off the day after your wedding (or paying an easy $35 pick-up fee if available) and for our non-local brides, this means overnighting the bouquet within 24 hours of your wedding!

Less Stress - When you decide ON your wedding day that you want to preserve your bouquet, there could be a lot of stress associated with finding a professional capable of providing this service (we are one of the ONLY bridal bouquet preservation companies in Las Vegas and the only bridal bouquet preservation company in Southern Utah). Not only that, but once you find us there is the added logistics ....

  • How will you get it to us (if you don't have a car)

  • When will you be able to fit that in especially if you have a post wedding brunch or a full day of fun vegas activities

  • Does it make more sense to pay the pick-up fee?

  • Is our team available to pick up the bouquet?

  • Do we have to schedule team members to process it and are they available on such short notice?

See what I mean? We LOVE LOVE LOVE preserving your bouquets but it gets a little tricky when it's left to the last minute and we aren't always available which breaks my heart!!

We are the PREMIER floral preservation company in Las Vegas and Southern Utah and have 5+ years of experience preserving beautiful flowers. We love that you get to "bottle up" all the memories and feelings from your wedding day into a piece of art that practically guarantees compliments.

Ready to schedule your bridal bouquet preservation with our team? Head to the shop and follow the instructions by completing the booking form, paying the $175 retainer, and completing your order through the shopping cart.

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