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How to Plan a Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the WORLD and for good reason. Las Vegas offers the best of ALL worlds and honestly, there is so much to do (even off The Strip.... and yes, I did say OFF THE STRIP!)

Here are five steps to help you get started once you've decided that LAS VEGAS is the best destination for you.

  1. Apply for a marriage license (or mark your calendar for 60 days out!) This is the soonest that you can pre-register for the license and a MUST whether you are a resident of not. This does need to be pick-up in person so make sure you plan time for this!

  2. Determine the "vibe" you want. Are you looking for a chapel on the strip? High-end wedding at one of the hotels like Bellagio, Four Seasons, or the rooftop of Resorts World? Maybe you want something off the strip (a little more affordable too!). Options like Hilton Lake Las Vegas and Red Rock Casino are great options! Maybe you're looking for a unique venue like Cactus Joes or The Springs Preserve -- whatever type of "venue" you are looking for, Vegas pretty much has you covered!

  3. Hire a planner - in a world where the sky is limit, you're going to want a planner to help you navigate the options, assist in creating a cohesive design infused with your personality and help you find the best vendor team! SunRae Planning is a destination wedding team based in Las Vegas and are fabulous at what they do. ;)

  4. Check major events happening in Las Vegas and make sure to plan around them! There is LITERALLY ALWAYS something going on in Las Vegas so there is no "perfect weekend" but avoiding popular dates like Super Bowl and F1 are probably a good idea.

  5. Plan your pre/post wedding activities! You chose vegas for a reason.... make sure you take the time to enjoy it with and without your guests! With a wide variety of dining, experiences, and people-watching, you'll have plenty of options to choose from!

  6. Don't forget to book floral preservation! YES!! There it is - your wedding planning experience for a destination in Las Vegas is not complete without making sure you're on the books to preserve your beautiful bridal bouquet. What's better than turning those beauties into a work of art that you'll get to keep with you forever?!


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