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Questions to Ask Your Vegas Wedding Florist:

Real flowers are a beautiful way to elevate your overall design and enhance any space that you're in but can also be a little expensive. Hiring your wedding florist is a BIG decision and because this is an 'art' you want to make sure that you find a local wedding florist that you trust and who understands your design.

Here are a few questions to ask potential florists before you hire them for your wedding:

  1. Are they available for your date?

  2. How many people are on their team for installations?

  3. Are the flowers you love in season or are there other alternatives they would suggest?

  4. For unique arches / installments / ceiling installations - do they have experience with that type of installation?

  5. What suggestions would they make? Do they have any creative ideas they've been wanting to try?

  6. What sustainability practices do you incorporate?

  7. Are there additional fees for travel/set-up?

  8. Does your team transfer the flowers from ceremony to reception? Is there a fee for this?

  9. What is your expertise?

  10. How would you describe your style?

  11. How can we maximize my budget?

  12. Do you have any minimum requirements?

  13. What is the best way to communicate with you?

  14. Do you require us to work with a wedding planner?

A few of our favorite local wedding florists in Las Vegas and Southern Utah:


Sara Lunn Floral

Miss Daisy Floral

Roots Flowers and Events

Blumenhaus Floral

Lucid Juliet

Of The Desert Flor


Jocelyns Floral


Southern Blossom Floral

Blue Sky Blooms

Rose and Fern

All that work to find an amazing florist to have the MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING FLOWERS and you're just going to throw them away? I hope not!! Don't forget to preserve your bridal bouquet. We are the premier bridal bouquet preservation company in Las Vegas and Southern Utah and we specialize in pressed frames and resin pieces for your beautiful bouquets. Not only do you get to keep your wedding bouquet preserved as a piece of art, you're also capturing all the memories you made that day into those pieces.

Check out our products in the shop and let's preserve those beautiful blooms!

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