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Las Vegas Bridal Bouquet Preservation - Preparation Tips

If you are considering bridal bouquet preservation (which we totally think you should), there are a few things to know ahead of time to ensure that you get the best possible results with your preservation products!

When you preserve your bouquet with us, we send you a few tips before the wedding to help keep your flowers looking their best before you hand them off to us.


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Why? Well, if you think about it logically, you want to preserve the beauty of the flowers before they wilt and die, right? Well, the natural life of a flower isn't super long especially bridal bouquets that are carried around, tossed, and left out of water for long amounts of time. The purpose of the floral preservation process is to beat the natural 'death' of a flower but once it starts to die, there is nothing that we can do to revive it so making sure we get those flowers in the best possible condition means that we can preserve the best possible state of those flowers! Make sense?!

Quick Tips to keeping your flowers FRESH before they get to us:

  1. Keep your flowers in water as MUCH as possible (especially in those summer months). We recommend keeping the vase of water with you at all times so that it's constantly staying hydrated!

  2. Don't toss your bouquet - instead, use a bridesmaid bouquet or ask your florist for a small toss bouquet. When you throw the flowers, they will bruise and these bruises show up in the drying process!

  3. Clip the Stems - at the end of your wedding celebration, snip the stems of your bouquet and put them in FRESH water before you go to sleep!

  4. Book in advance - if you're considering bouquet preservation, don't wait! Make sure you book this service in advance so you know when/how/where to deliver or ship your bouquet so that you can do that ASAP.

Impressive Petals Floral Preservation is the premier Las Vegas Bridal Bouquet Preservation Company and we offer a massive variety of both framed and resin art pieces so that you can preserve the magic of your wedding day into sentimental pieces of art or even an entire collection of real flower pieces. Check out our shop today to place your order!

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